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Premium products made with highest quality standards

Ithaca Maple Works

was founded in 2022.


Our sugarbush is a

65-acre New York farm producing 100% pure maple syrup and specialty maple products for our community to enjoy. 


​Ithaca Maple Works sells a variety of premium maple products produced with the highest quality standards. The "Works" was chosen to convey ou intent to provide creative and innovative maple products.  The un"tapped" potential of maple needs to be showcased!  Follow us on Facebook as we transform pure sugar maple sap into both maple syrup and novel products for you to enjoy. ​


     Maple Syrup

     Maple Crème

     Maple Sprinkles ​

     Maple Coffee Cubes

     Infused Maple Syrups

     Maple Sugar 

     Pumpkin Maple Spice

     Cinnamon Maple Spice

     Maple Delights 

     Maple Gummy Bears

     Saptastic Toner  

     Saptastic Claymask

Take any of our products and bundle with a FREE caddy to make a great gift.

We can also create custom orders based on your unique needs.​

What is Saptastic?

Maple tree sap is a complex combination of water, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and less than 2% sugar. Maple tree sap delivers a variety of nutrients like amino peptides and antioxidants (10+ over 40 polyphenols) to your skin quickly. Try our Saptastic Toner designed to prep skin for better absorption, and then to nourish and hydrate your complexion while working to reduce the appearance of unwanted blemishes. Or try our Saptastic Claymask to help reduce and absorb excess oil.

Read more about sap science in these scientific journals:

American Chemical Society


Sustainability on the Farm
Ithaca Maple Works, Maple, Syrup

Reduce Reuse Recycle

More info here

Ithaca Maple Works, Maple, Syrup
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