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Cinnamon Maple Spice (5.3 oz)

Cinnamon Maple Spice (5.3 oz)


Made with 100% pure New York maple syrup and cinnamon, Ithaca Maple Works Cinnamon Maple Spice can be used for hot beverages, baking (e.g., pies, muffins, cookies, etc...), oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, and much more. Take a moment to treat yourself with this sweet spice. Shaker container has two openings for shaking or spoon use.


    Store in a cool, dry location. 


    Ithaca Maple Works uses the most pure and highest quality ingredients.  If the product you have recieved, does not meet your satisfaction, please contact us.  We value all feedback.

Ithaca Maple Works, Maple, Syrup
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