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Saptastic Toner
  • Saptastic Toner


    Maple tree sap is a complex combination of water, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and less than 2% sugar.  Maple tree sap delivers a variety of nutrients like amino peptides and antioxidants (10+ polyphenols) to your skin quickly. Try our Saptastic Toner designed to prep skin for better absorption, and then to nourish and hydrate your complexion while working to reduce the appearance of unwanted blemishes. 


    Customer testimonial: "Fantastic people and products! Already LOVE my toner"




      All natural purified sap water and witch hazel combine to clarify and then hydrate your skin, in this toner.  Because, well toners should not just provide an additional cleanse. They should work to replenish skin with the nutrients that traditional cleansers can remove. 

      Maple sap water is ideal for use in skincare products due to the high concentration of active antioxidents,  polyphenols, and naturally occuring minerals. The result is soft and smooth skin. 


      Ithaca Maple Works uses the most pure and highest quality ingredients.  If the product you have recieved, does not meet your satisfaction, please contact us.  We value all feedback.

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